Offers images & articles on poses, meditation, philosophy, lifestyle and database of yoga poses searchable by anatomical focus & therapeutic applications & instructional videos.

Focuses on 'the mindful life': yoga, organics, sustainability, conscious consumerism, non-new-age spirituality, the arts, enlightened education, wellness & adventure.

Has articles on the practice of yoga using photographs of professional yogis. Also promotes healthy lifestyle with tips on nutrition, happiness, meditation & relationships.

Live a better life through health-based, spiritual, and sustainable practices. One of the distinct features is their Yoga Q&As go-To tuide, videos and DVDs the site offers.

Highlights free videos from the great baba Ramdev. The videos show the weekly yoga asanas and also special yoga postures for people with particular diseases and problems.

Everything one needs to know about yoga like tutorial videos, yoga-related articles and a therapy section for people to heal with different yoga postures.

A platform for undertaking yoga classes online. Offers free educational courses for understanding the theory of yoga & meditation and paid courses focused on practical yoga.

Online meeting place for yoga teachers and students to share their experiences. It hosts articles & encourages community learning where everyone's contribution is valued.

Constantly expanding resource of online yoga videos created by experienced instructors. Their HD videos include classes, poses, breathing techniques and anatomy videos.

Videos from world-class instructors who have dedicated their life to yoga. Shot in panoramic backgrounds, they make online experience spectacular. Offers a 14-day free trial.

Get yoga related articles and videos. Their yoga dictionary has in-depth explanations of phrases. The blog also carries articles on health issues, recipes & yoga postures.