Offers meditation articles, guided steps and varied videos. Offers articles that link meditation to everyday life and influence the readers to include meditation in their schedule.

For people who are interested in knowing and practicing meditation. With simple articles that give a vivid picture of how to proceed and videos on the Osho way of meditation.

Wide selection of meditation articles & guided practices. It features guided Christian and Buddhist meditation. It has a section on styles of meditation from around the world.

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Choose either a guided or a silent meditation session displaying one of its many tranquil backgrounds with ambient sounds, provides a much needed break in a hectic day.

Based on transcendental meditation, one of the purest form of meditation. Offers info on this meditation, benefits, techniques, how it works, how to learn it and also myths about it.

Features an enormous collection of audio talks relating to meditation, self-awakening, soul and spirituality. Lets you download talk sessions from renowned and upcoming speakers.

The website offers guided meditations, mindful living tips, mindfulness meditation techniques, and general thoughts on human experiences.