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Among the oldest sources of games news, with exclusive focus on video games, covers a variety of gaming platforms and features both video and editorial content.

Covers not only video games but also gadgets, comic book reviews, movies and technology. One of the most widely read sources of gaming news.

Focuses on games news that relate to the Western hemisphere, with special focus on PC, consoles, indie and board games.

The global authority on PC games. Has delivered unrivalled coverage on PC games for more than 20 years, in both print and online mediums.

One of the largest independently run videogame news source and community with eclectic writing, a robot mascot and an enthusiastic community.

Delivers news, gaming advice, in-depth features, reviews, and guides. Known for their 'List' features, they also report news from the world of movies and TV.

A news and opinion website about games and things gamers want to read about. Focuses on a wider games culture with a critical perspective.

Video game news by Indians for Indians, its content is delivered with a regional perspective so that it's relevant to the Indian gamer.

Specializes in industry and business news, business reports, analysis, previews, reviews, strategy guides, and stories about the culture of video games as a hobby.

Covers games, their creators and their surrounding culture. Focuses on a mix of news articles, feature stories and reviews that blend criticism with buying advice.