Travel Guides

Offers dedicated pages for travel destinations, paid guide books, bookings & insurance. It covers all aspects of travel like budget, adventure, food & sightseeing.

Their guide books & website offer shopping, dining, hotel, & culture recommendations, as well as compelling articles that convey the essence of each destination.

Helps travelers to plan & book their trips by offering advice, reviews, information & guides on destinations, with tools to check hundreds of websites to find great prices.

A travel community where real travelers share real travel advice & experiences through travel tips, reviews & photos of where they have traveled to themselves.

Known for its 'tell it like it is' attitude, accurate and up-to-date content & writing. It contains individual city guides, along-with articles, galleries and Top 10 lists.

Tells how to save money and travel the world in comfort, on a budget. With destination specific articles, suggested itineraries, general banking and credit card advice.

Lets you stay in touch with (or find) those travel friends you met while travelling in the past. Travelers help each other in answering question and share stories & photos.

Help travelers explore a new place as if they were locals. Offers articles from experts, paid Frommer's guidebooks and insightful & lively message boards.

Provides offbeat travel news, stories, quizzes and guides for adventurous travelers. Specializes in videos, cruises, a flight finder and a dedicated 'activities' section.

Inspiration & information for 'long-term independent travel'. The sort of travel that helps one dig deeper into a country, a city, a culture. It provides pointers for how to organize such a trip.

A guide to the world's wondrous & curious places that are bizarre, fantastical and not to be found in your average travel guides. Discover amazing, hidden spots.

Designs & develops travel assistance products & services for road users in Europe. Provides driving directions, maps, weather information, hotels, restaurants details.