Baby Names

Offers a huge collection of baby names. With search filters like alphabets, gender, rashi, nakshatra, religion & more. Also contains meanings of names and top 100 names lists.

Their 'baby names' section gives information, inspiration and ideas needed name your child. Also offers lists of most popular names for girls and boys for specific years.

Provides names of not only Indian origin but also American, Irish, Spanish, Italian & German origins. Find popular names for a particular year, decade or highest rated names.

The 'baby name' tab provides a number of search filters like: gender, alphabet, rashi, zodiac element, planet, religion, twin names, etc. Also provides baby naming tips.

Offers a collected list of modern baby names with their meanings, with search filters on the basis of gender, alphabets and even caste. Users can also submit names.

Users can find baby names by gender, alphabet, birth month, birth star, by names of gods and goddess, Sanskrit names. Also provides useful articles and tips on parenting.

Offers names ranging from most popular to traditional and highly unusual and unique, including many modern names that only recently have been coined or rediscovered.

Provides an extensive collection of baby names with their meanings. Filter the names on the basis of gender or alphabet. Also has Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Jain names.

Search from over 300000+ baby names, also find their meanings, their origin and other little details like these, to make the best decision for your toddler's name.