Music - Reviews

A guide to independent music, it provides music criticism, commentary, news, and artist interviews, it has sections dedicated to editorials, videos, and hand-picked staff lists.

Official website of Rolling Stone magazine that focuses on popular culture, music reviews and interviews. Has expanded into general news on politics, TV, movies and culture.

Popular for its music charts like the Hot 100 and Billboard 200, the website reports on the latest trends in music. Also offers regularly updated genre-specific chart lists.

A Bollywood movie portal that reviews music of Bollywood movies, albums and songs, has an embedded jukebox where you can play songs, make playlists and view lyrics.

Indian enfotainment website with a regularly updated with news from the music industry of India, contains Top 10 song lists along with lyrics and album reviews.

A destination for pop-culture enthusiasts, it covers many categories like music, movies, TV, games, comedy, Especially known for its coverage on music and its 'Best of' lists.

Features reviews of films, music, TV, books, games and DVDs, it contains interviews and regular offerings examining new & classic media and elements of pop culture.

A British music magazine associated with rock, alternative and indie music. Known for 'gonzo' journalistic style, where artists contribute articles as reporters, without objectivity.

Offers music criticism and news with features commonly associated with wiki-style websites. Its unusual format allows both professional and amateur content to co-exist.

A web magazine known for its best of lists, album reviews and high profile contributors ranging from authors to artists and journalists. Encourages listener interaction.