Discover Music

National Public Radio's music section has it all- Interviews, sessions, lists, reviews, songs, well-crafted articles; it's a veritable feast of music discovery.

Specializing in independent music, Bandcamp is a platform for artists to get discovered and be directly supported by fans, who share their passion for music through patronage.

An exclusive website that allows tracking of concerts of your favorite artists around the world. You can search concerts country/city wise and can also buy tickets here.

An intuitive mobile app that helps recognize music and TV around you. It is the best way to discover, explore and share the music you love.

Aggregates music from mp3 blogs and posts, where you can 'favorite' songs and create playlists. You can also search under different genres or look for the "freshest" music.

A place to share your jams (a song you cant stop listening to). Users post their jams using services like YouTube or Soundcloud, which can then be liked and rejamed by followers.

Streams live concerts online. There are both audio and video streams of shows, playlist, interviews and featured downloads.

Records live sessions with musicians, both emerging and established, and makes them available for listening. You can queue up their music and listen to varied user playlists.