Official app of the social network, that keeps you updated with the social happenings of your friends and acquaintances, has an official chat app downloaded separately.

Official app for accessing all of YouTube content on mobile devices, is a feature packed alternative to the full version.

America's favorite dictionary Merriam Webster in app form offers definitions with voice search options, word of the day, ad-free paid version also available.

A phone essential app, an online caller ID for identifying unknown callers, blocking unwanted and spam calls

Google's Internet browser with essential tools, minimalist design and Google's technology for optimized browsing experience

An Indiana Jones interpretation of endless runner game, addicting game with touch controls, free to download with monetization

A side-scrolling endless runner game, single button touchscreen input, easy to pick-up and play, hard to master. Extremely addicting.

Online language translation service instantly translates text and web pages, works as a travel companion, supports over 90 languages.

A leading restaurant directory known for its user reviews, cuisine based search option, restaurant info, menus and other small details.

No frills dictionary for translating English words into Hindi, simple layout, intuitive to use.