A digital publishing platform providing free publications created by enthusiastic publishers in categories like art, fashion, film, food, technology, travel.

A digital magazine store and newsstand, with an affordable monthly membership plan giving access to best-selling magazines including GQ, Vogue, Forbes, Filmfare and more.

With more than 5,500 magazines from a wide range of publishers. Zinio offers mobile support and enables magazines to be read online, offline and across a variety of devices.

A personal e-magazine that organizes news and articles in magazine-format. Readers can organize sources in a single place to follow the stories that matter to them.

Only on Apple devices, Newsstand delivers magazine & newspaper content, including free subscriptions. Also helps magazines and newspapers directly to Newsstand.

Exclusive to Android devices, Newsstand handles free & paid newspaper subscriptions along with those HD magazines, all in one place.

Despite such a big catalogue they continue to introduce new titles to cater to all kinds of readers, includes international delivery, magazines from abroad and gift card facility.

Offers a wide variety of titles for new or renewal subscriptions, has a variety of categories to choose from, along with a bunch of free magazines &featured offers.

Enables content distribution on tablets, desktops, smartphones for purposes of publishing, corporate solutions and education, through eBooks, magazines & textbooks.

A content marketing platform that converts articles, social media, videos & eBooks into a responsive interface, helping manage content, generate leads, automate & get insight.