Design Inspiration

An online community about architecture, interiors, landscape design & home improvement, with a professional's section for hiring contractors & designers.

Offers much more than just decor ideas, like content dedicated to recipes, gardening tips, beauty advice & pets, in short all things required to convert a house into a home.

Connects home owners to a wealth of resources, ideas & a wide community. It specializes in renovations, DIYs, home keeping solutions & use of better technology.

An independent resource for architecture & design that acts as news & ideas hub, a products e-shop, a contractor searching portal all in one place. Also offers a mobile app.

A source-book for considered living followed by celebrities, stylists & architects. With inspirational columns categorized by home spaces, experts talks & architect visits.

An influential architecture magazine, with articles on trends, innovations, interviews & documentaries about cutting-edge design. It has been widely praised & awarded.

A daily dose of outstanding homes, architecture & designs, through tons of photographs, supplementary text & floor layouts, that can be shared on Pinterest or Facebook.

Website of American TV channel HGTV which broadcasts a variety of shows on home improvement, gardening, craft & remodeling. It heavily features videos & photos.

Magazine about design, architecture, art, style & creativity with a 'Best of' section which highlights various how-to's and Top 10 lists on the essentials of interior design.

A brave, bold & brash magazine, that brings together professional & young creatives. Publishes latest news & key issues in the fields of architecture, design, technology & art.

Shares simple, doable ideas to decorate & organize homes. It focuses on tips & tricks that don't require big budgets or fancy tools. Awarded with a reader's choice award.

This home decorating magazine showcases the newest trends in furniture & decor, house architecture & design inspirations, it is curated by a team of interior designers.

An interior design blog, with a range of styles like mid-century, Scandinavian, modern, retro, minimalist & more. Created by two ladies with their individual pages & blog posts.

An interactive design archive of the latest architectural, interior & furniture designs. Has a simplified layout with good categorization and a daily newsletter feature.

A source for decorating, renovating & home building created by users uploads to form a huge catalogue of ideas & inspirations. Users can also view libraries of photos.