A discovery engine that finds & recommends websites, videos, photos and images to its users, based on their interests. Sign-up required for access.

A network for creative jobs where artists to display their work. It assists them in self-promotion, including consultation and creating online portfolios.

Are you hesitant to give your real e-mail address when signing up, due to fear of spam mails? 10 Minute Mail provides disposable emails lasting 10 minutes and its free.

For designers, bloggers, developers, techies and readers in search for content and resources that have to do with design, technology and inspiration. It funny, smart and novel.

Media platform for technology entrepreneurs, it focuses on Indian startups, discovery of the next big Indian venture and the world of hackers and techies.

Collects and curates tips, tricks, and technology for living better in the digital age, the Indian version of the website has three main sections - Life, Work and Jugaad.

Like something on an American online retailer that doesn't ship to India? ViaBox provides you with a U.S. address where you can have your shipment delivered and ViaBox ships these purchases to you using its worldwide shipping partners.

An audio-visual website for a guided or silent meditation session. Displays one of its many tranquil backgrounds with ambient sounds, providing a much needed break.

No more disclosing personal info and emails for even the smallest visit to a website. You can bypass setting up an account on various websites by using Bugmenot which lets you use shared profiles to sign in and access services.

An ecommerce solution to sell stuff online by through creation of an online store. Gives control over website design, provides utmost security and accepts global currencies.

Create virtual note-boards where you can create sticky notes and share them with people. Add URLs, photo and share them via social media or download for reading later.

A directory of urls to enable users to easily delete their accounts from websites. Labels the websites with the degree of difficulty in deleting like easy, medium, hard and impossible.