Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the meaning of Netsaar?

    The word "Netsaar" is a combination of Net (derived from English word Internet) and Saar (which in Hindi means crux or extract). In simple words, Netsaar means extract of Internet.

  2. Why should I use Netsaar?

    Our collection of websites are derived from various online sources (search engines, blogs, advertisements, etc.) as well as offline sources (print media, user recommendations, hoardings, etc.). Normally users don't have the time to discover the diverse range of websites that the Internet has to offer.

  3. How is Netsaar different from a search engine?

    Unlike a search engine you don't have to search for websites or results, in fact you don't even need a keyboard to use Netsaar. We offer you the top websites on the Internet in the most popular categories. This makes surfing very easy and comfortable.

  4. Do I need to pay anything to use

    Neither the users nor the websites listed on have to pay anything for our services.

  5. How are the websites ranked on

    Team Netsaar ranks the websites considering factors such as popularity, user-friendliness, language options, server uptime, webpage design, loading time, etc. All the rankings adhere to our parameters and none of the rankings are out of any obligation. Our data has been sourced from various websites on the Internet.

  6. How useful is subscribing to the Netsaar newsletter?

    The ever-changing face of the Internet requires Netsaar to be regularly updated. Through the newsletter Netsaar will intimate the users with the latest additions, 'Events of the Month' and Editor's Choice websites.

  7. I cannot find what I am looking for, Can help me?

    Of course, Yes. Just click on the 'Ask for a Site' tab on the homepage, type in your query and submit. Our team will help you to find the suitable websites on the Internet.

  8. How can I get my website listed on

    To suggest a website to be listed on Netsaar, just click on the 'Suggest a Site' tab on the homepage. Type in the required details and submit.