Educational Tools - Teachers

A great place for groups or classroom projects as multiple users can edit documents or use it to build an educational wiki full of quality websites and reference materials.

Provides a picture for every noun which enables anything to be communicated via visual symbols and deliver information visually without barriers. Useful for educators.

Empowers anyone to create and share visuals (infographics, posters). Educators can choose from various categories, templates and design objects to share visual ideas.

Offers tools that help read more effectively by use of annotation tools, building personal library in the cloud, archiving web-links, organizing, sharing and collaborating info.

A web-based publication of MIT course content. OCW is open and available to the world and is a permanent MIT activity.

Seeks to improve public schools with resources, tools and solutions for educators.. Part of the George Lucas Educational Foundation, it works for KG through 12th grade.

Helps create a poll anytime & gives the URL to the audiences and they can respond using their smartphones or laptops, responses are recorded and displayed in real time.

Create more engaging content by adding media links to photos & videos. Helps create & share interactive images and videos for education, engagement & entertainment.

Helps to convert data into info-graphics, online charts and visuals for free. It lets users utilize real-time data and incorporate info-graphics into the webpages of their choice.

A thriving community where teachers can watch, share and learn diverse techniques to help students grow. They can interact with other educators & conduct discussions.