Zara Opening Online Store in India Come October 4th

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Zara Opening Online Store in India Come October 4th

12 September 2017

Zara - the clothing behemoth - has a modest physical presence in India, with over 22 stores restricted to the major cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Jaipur to name a few. But come October 4th a whole lot of Indian shoppers will have a chance to snag some Zara merchandise courtesy of its newly announced online store.


While previously the Zara India website served as a portal to view the latest collections and to check which physical stores has them in store for buying, this new expansion into the online realm will offer the whole of its website's merchandise for people to purchase. This is a smart move as opening the low-risk online operation helps Zara gauge the craze of its high-street fast-fashion clothing lines among the modern shoppers of our homeland.


This move is also in line with the recent information about Zara wanting to expand in India albeit with a more focused approach. Zara's entry into the eCommerce shopping scene in India is a welcome addition alongside existing world brands like Adidas with its web-store which is a great place if you aim to eliminate the middle-man like Myntra or Jabong for your clothing needs.



What remains to be seen however is what kind of delivery, payment and returns services are being offered by Zara. Say what you will - post the recent financial hullabaloo - India still does love to pay using cash on delivery. Part of this tendency also stems from the insecurity or anxiety that a lot of our brethren feel when they are asked to pay using a credit card or online payment methods before receiving the service or product promised. Cash on delivery (COD) remains a point of contention for a lot of users in India to this day. And if Inditex (Zara's parent company) implements that convenience alongside speedy delivery and a hassle-free shopping experience, Zara could witness tremendous success.


Recently we've seen many foreign fashion labels flirt with COD as a payment method with some incorporating them nicely a la Forever21 while others introducing them only to re-tread and stick to online payment like the Spanish fashion label Mango.



Then there is the question of payment using mobile wallets. Will the online store incorporate payment using FreeCharge, PayTM or other similar channels? Faster services, free shipping and hassle-free return and exchange policies also can go a long way to strengthen Zara's position.


Guess we will find out in three weeks time. Lets us know what do you think of this move, do you feel you might end up buying Zara online?