Depression - Don't Assume, Learn About It!

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Depression - Don't Assume, Learn About It!

Netsaar Network,
25 July 2017

One hears the term ‘depression’ being used quite commonly in 2017. You might hear people say: “I feel so depressed at not being able to finish my work today” or something similar. People seem to be using this term for even the slightest discomfort or distress, but doing so diminishes the value of the discussion around depression and the ways to cope with it.


The reason for such misguided usage of the word can be a result of people’s lack of knowledge and understanding of what depression actually is. People around us might even casually say depression without even knowing how it makes a person feel and what kind of emotions a person suffering from depression goes through. Letting this trend continue can be extremely hazardous for the overall mental well-being of the people around as. This is even truer in 2017 when – research suggests that – perhaps every 4th individual is suffering from depression.


There is nothing better than gaining more knowledge about a disorder and becoming conscious about its symptoms, prevention and cures. Depression surely is a more indirect form of ailment but it can be countered and even cured with some helpful routine life changes. Though medication helps, consulting a psychiatrist – to help with a diagnosis – is the primary course of action that one must take. Meditation is an essential form of self-reflective activity that can help anyone cope with depression and distressing thoughts.


Talking about ‘thoughts’: depression revolves around the thought processes and the mental fortitude of a person. The kind of thoughts that one has determines their disposition and mental health. Therefore psychiatrists suggest diverting your mind towards pleasant memories and positive things in life. Doing so raises our serotonin levels and having a higher serotonin results in a person being in a happier mood. Diet can also play a crucial role in improving how we feel, for instance studies show that consuming Omega-3 uplifts a person’s mood.


Hiding how you feel greatly contributes to being in a state of depression. Sharing how you feel and venting can help relieve mental unease and also improve the general knowledge of people around you about the issues of mental health. A combination of high doses of fun, bright lights, exposure to nature and exercise can help cure people of the debilitating effects of depression.


We hope you learnt something useful after reading this article. Do share this article with anyone you can, knowledge about something like depression can turn out be life-changing and changing lives is probably the best thing you can do as a human being.