Choosing a Tutor for Your Child with ADHD

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Choosing a Tutor for Your Child with ADHD

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22 June 2017

[Editor's Note: This is a guest post by author Janice Miller. The author has had experience with finding a tutor for children with ADHD and has witnessed excellent results first-hand. The article below consists of useful advice for parents on how to handle the situation in the best manner possible alongside sourcing useful avenues to look towards, for finding a tutor for the child experiencing ADHD. We hope you find it useful.]



We hear about ADHD all the time, but many people aren't quite sure exactly what it is or what it means for their child. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. More than 3 million cases are diagnosed each year. ADHD can be difficult to diagnose but it can be even harder to treat, as there is no cure.


Most children who suffer from ADHD act impulsively, have problems sitting still, focusing or paying attention, and they can be hyperactive. Occupational therapy and medication are the main forms of treatment, and many children do exceptionally well through this combination once they learn how to manage it. For parents, having a child with ADHD also means having to navigate regular methods a little bit differently. 


ADHD can make school more difficult for children. Most children with ADHD have mixed feelings about school, and their parents wonder how to not only help their child succeed, but also find ways to enjoy learning. Luckily, through tutoring and mentoring programs, many children with ADHD can find academic success and enjoyment.



Do You Need a Tutor?


Work with your child’s teachers, principals, counselors, and other faculty members to determine what additional support your child needs. Some children with ADHD see improvements after being provided a quiet place to work or additional time to complete work. Other children need a little more assistance in the form of a study buddy or tutor.


Children may also have trouble outside the school walls. Completing homework can be cumbersome for children with ADHD. Without supervision, they struggle to pay attention to details or take longer to complete assignments because they get easily distracted. They may avoid tasks requiring sustained mental effort or may simply forget to complete tasks. Because of these issues, a tutor can be beneficial for homework assistance.



Look for Tutoring Agencies


The first step is to determine whether your child would benefit most from a tutoring center or a private tutor. offers a list of pros and cons for each option to help you make this important decision.


While a school may be able to offer assistance during school and immediately following school hours, your child may require extra help while at home when completing homework and projects. You can check with your child’s school for additional tutoring through the school or recommendations for hiring outside help.


A plethora of businesses offer tutoring services and some even specialize in tutoring children with ADHD. The business you choose will depend on your location, budget, and the subject in which your child needs assistance. You’ll also need to consider how you want your child to interact with the tutor. Some parents prefer in-person tutoring, while others prefer online interaction.


Parenting publications offer advice and tools to find tutors near you. is a magazine aimed at offering advice to parents on this same issue. You can also check websites that are a community of moms sharing advice and support. Scary Mommy has millions of moms and a team of editors, writers, videographers, and other contributors that offer parenting advice and tips on a wide range of topics. Another website that is specifically designed to help families locate tutors is Noodle Education, which helps find tutors based on location and specialization.



Other Sources for Finding Tutors


Mention to your friends, family members, or neighbors that you’re interested in finding a tutor. Someone within your network may be able to provide tutoring services. If your child is nervous about being tutored, working with a familiar face can be helpful. Remember that if you employ a close friend or family member, you must make it clear to your child to respect the tutor as an authority and make the tutor understand the importance of the commitment.


Mentioning your interest to your network of family and friends may also help you find a tutor through someone you know who may have already used a tutor. This person can also provide the pros and cons of different approaches, as he or she has already been through the process. Someone you know may also have connections with another individual who provides tutoring services.



Ensuring You Make the Best Choice


Always ask for qualifications, credentials and a track-record from any tutor you consider hiring. Also, confirm that both you and the tutor understand the terms of the signed contracts. It's important to find the right match for your child, so ask questions to gauge the tutor's personality, skills, teaching style and methods. Determine how well the tutor and your child match up and the effectiveness of the tutor by looking for your child to develop a relaxed attitude towards homework and school, in addition to improved grades.


ADHD can be a challenge for children in school, so parents must be their child’s biggest fan. Parents must – most importantly - stay positive. School is more than just grades; it provides a way for your child to find his or her right path in life by learning life skills for making healthy decisions. Generally, kids make good decisions, but ADHD can sometimes make it difficult for children to focus, remember or retain formation. A good tutor can help your child to not only achieve academic success, but to also learn skills to study better, interact better and perform better in life overall.