Amazing Facts

It features absorbing articles about anything and everything. The site also has videos and quizzes relating to particular topics that really engage the readers.

It features near daily "interesting fact" articles from various, well credentialed authors. Also offers a "Daily Knowledge" newsletter offering something to do every week.

This conveniently laid-out site features articles and facts about almost everything, from the characters of history to trendy brands. It will answers all of your "Whys" and "Hows".

Shows colorful and animated slides containing verified and well sourced facts. Random facts are updated daily on their front=page and are later organized by themes.

Get facts on almost anything you can think about. It contains picture-based facts and facts based on countries, infographics, entertainment, society, GK and science.

A blog for interesting & funny facts. See posts on health, celebs/people, random, places, animals, history information, movies, food, technology, gaming and much more.

Offers a vast collection of interesting facts. It is well categorized and assembled. A few categories on the site are: Food facts, Sport facts and Animal facts.