4 Websites to Welcome The Summers

Websites for Summers

Summer is a time for relaxing, being lazy or even taking a vacation.


BUT even then one can never forget fitness, no matter the season. Staying fit in summers can be a task unto its own. 


And the fine folks at 'The Fit Indian' understand that therefore they offer daily tips and tricks to stay fit no matter the seasonal changes.


A new season ushers in new seasonal ingredients, new recipes and new dishes to make and serve.


'Eating Well' helps you be on the top of your cooking game by offering summertime recipes and cooking advice.

Websites for Summers

Click here to visit the Summer section of Netmums


Apart from excellent parenting advice, the Summer section of Netmums provides on advice on things you can do to engage your family in fun activities in the new season.


Children can sometimes be hard to handle during their summer vacations. And one effective way of handling them is to provide them something that can entertain them and maintain their attention.'


'Funbrain' can be your child's best friend during summer vacations, helping them be occupied while also teaching them valuable lessons.


They also offer FunBrain Jr. for kids aged 2-6.